NASAA is a grassroots football project in Lambeth, established by Michael Adusei, Zavon Hines and Aaron Haywood in January 2015 to provide children aged 4-15, with professional level football training and mentoring. We currently work with 100 kids.

The children we work with come from disadvantaged and deprived backgrounds. Due to this many of them are not able to experience what so many of us take for granted. They don’t often get the opportunity to engage in activities that are fun but also essential to their social and mental well-being.

“Me and Michael wanted to give something back because being from Brixton, Lambeth, it is quite hard for a lot of young players to get involved in a professional set-up.”
Zavon Hines – Director

Simple things like, having a positive role model, someone to confide in, being able to take trips or holidays with their family, traveling out of their local area or meeting people from different social groups and backgrounds; are all things these children too often do not get the chance to experience and what ultimately can be a great hindrance as they grow into young adults.

“There is a very large research base to show that children from families living in poverty and deprivation do less well from early in life, that they fall behind their peers at school, and that they have more mental health problems and employment problems in adult life.”
UK Faculty of Public Health

NASAA aims to drive a change in this by providing the children we work with, the opportunities that are often withheld from them.

We know that if we can help a few to grow into successful members of society that this will have a ripple effect that will not only reach their friends and family but generations to come.

The project requires a lot of hard work and dedication from all our staff, family members and the community to make it a success. NASAA is a project for the community. With all our efforts combined we will inevitably help improve the local community, the surrounding areas but above all the lives of children who we know, have great potential.