At NASAA we want to teach our players more than just the basics or what it takes to be a great football players; for this reason we aim to set up 3 programmes that will work alongside their training. We are certain they will not only add to their performance on the field but they overall well-being.

Fitness & Nutrition

Football is a great physical activity for children but we also have great professional level trained coaches who have a wealth of knowledge and experience between them, working alongside the children to help improve their fitness.

As part of our project we want to be able to run a nutrition course to help them learn more about food and to encourage better food choices to reduce obesity

Mental Wellbeing

Children’s mental wellbeing is so important; it’s very easy to think children do not experience issues such as stress, anxiety, low self-esteem or low self-confidence as they always seem so happy and carefree, but they do and it’s important to challenge and deal with this as early as possible or it will certainly follow them into adulthood.

Currently we provide mentoring to the children and would like to be able expand by collaborating with organisations who share the same passion and vision,

Social Wellbeing

Children always seem to be making friends and engaging with others really well but we want to teach our players how to gain and use social skills to improve all areas of their lives, whether it be to improve confidence, assist in career skills and how to adapt in different social situations.